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Here are some of the ways our MULTI-NATIONAL FORWARDING and REMAILING SERVICES are currently being used.  Those using our service include apartment tenants for prestige and security from prying eyes, mobile home residents, foreign firms, individuals who really require a Canadian address, clearing houses, and mail order and www type of firms needing a central clearing point.  Also there are firms and individuals who require a real address rather than their own due to job transfers, such as those in the government or military service, separated spouses, salesmen, people being hounded by creditors, pen pals, people who travel extensively and require their mail held for certain intervals then forwarded to them on a particular date, or vacationers and people that wish to appear to be on vacation, people in correctional institutions and other remailing services.  The list is quite long.

As you can see, many firms and individuals use REMAILING SERVICES for a wide variety of reasons and the list is far from complete. One should keep in mind, that your correspondents know ONLY that which you choose to tell them.

In the past, it was thought, for example, that a person would not wish a spouse, family or associate to know they were using a REMAILING SERVICE. Today, however, it is alright, as most people nowadays realize the value of this type of service.  A spouse is instinctively not going to ask a REMAILING SERVICE for an address because he or she knows that they will NOT obtain that information from this REMAILER.

Our service is 100% CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVATE.

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